10 Fragen an Beverly


Beverly / Bevart Designs

Full name:              Beverley Chapelhow

Place of birth:        Blackburn Lancashire,

Profession(s):        Fine artist, jewellery designer, art tutor


1. Describe your home-area in one sentence.

    I live in the beautiful Ribble Valley – the Queen’s favourite place.

Unten: Das Wayoh Valley in Lancashire. Foto: Robert Redman.
Wayoh Reservoir Lancashire

2. What is typical for Lancashire?

Lancashire is known for the people being hardy (1), we are used to wet and windy weather. We love our grub (2)! Typical foods from around here are Lancashire Hot Pot, Lancashire cheese and Black puddings (3)!

3. Which are your 3 favourite places in the north of England?

  • The Lake District
  • Blackpool
  • Pendle Hill
Unten: Pendle Hill und das Ribble Valley. 
Blick von Bashall Barn über Clitheroe bis Pendle Hill.
Foto: Charles Rawding.
Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley. From Bashall Barn across Clitheroe to Pendle Hill.

4. Which are your 3 favourite places in Great Britain?

  • London is my favourite place ever!
  • Whitby, on the East coast
  • York city, it is very cultural

5. What is the idea and philosophy behind Bevart Designs?

Bevart Designs loves to create and be creative, designing and making jewellery brings me joy! Passing on my skills as an artist to my students gives me pleasure as I love to see people learn, flourish and develop their artistic skills. 

6. What were the milestones in your career?

All my businesses are milestones as each phase in my life has evolved. I was once a hairdresser and owned a hair salon. I currently own an Art Studio Collective and small Art Gallery ‘Atelier Arts’ in Clitheroe, Lancashire. I am founder of my jewellery business ‘Bevart Designs’ working from my studio and home, designing new jewellery pieces for people to enjoy.

7. What or who inspires you most?

Colour and form inspires me and I love to research. The Japanesse lifestyle choice of ‘wabi-sabi” runs through my artwork and jewellery. ‘wabi-sabi’ is the acceptance of transience (4) and imperfection. The aesthetic is sometimes described as one of appreciating (5) beauty that is „imperfect, impermanent (6), and incomplete.

My slogan:

‘Making the ordinary beautiful’

Kette Stardust
Ohrringe Purple Rain aus Lancashire - Halbmond
Schmuck wie aus einer anderen Welt. 
Beverly bemalt das federleichte Ikoro-Holz und überzieht es
mit einem Kunstharz. Diese und andere Beispiele könnt ihr euch
HIER anschauen.

8. What was your best nature-experience?

There are so many! My favourite has to be a train ride through the hills and the tea plantations of Sri Lanka, then taking a walk through the leafy jungle!! It was awesome. 

9. What does your ideal weekend look like?

A drive out to the seaside town of Blackpool, a walk on the promenade and fish and chips! Then a walk on the beach taking sunset photos.

Unten: Blackpool Seafront vom North Pier mit Blick auf 
den Blackpool Tower (rechts). Foto: Robert Redman.
Panorama of Blackpool Seafront taken from North Pier looking toward Blackpool tower and central Pier

10. What is your favourite British dish?

Cheese and onion pie (homemade).

Cheese and Onion Pie


Dann schau doch einfach in unserer Rezeptsammlung vorbei – dort findest du die Anleitung für Beverly’s Cheese and Onion Pie!


(1) hardy: zäh, winterhart

(2) grub: umgangssprachlicher Ausdruck für Essen (food)

(3) black pudding: Blutwurst (warm zubereitet)

(4) transience: Vergänglichkeit

(5) to appreciate: wertschätzen

(6) impermanent: vergänglich

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