10 Fragen an Catherine (Aberdeen, Schottland)

Sie ist Illustratorin und Autorin, kommt aus einem kleinen Dorf im Nordwesten von Schottland und lebt heute in Aberdeen. 

Describe your hometown Aberdeen in one sentence.

While I currently live in Aberdeen, I grew up on the very north coast of Scotland. Aberdeen is known as the ‘silver city’ due to its granite buildings. It has a superb stretch of coast for blowing the cobwebs (1) away!

What is typically Scottish?


  • Kilts
  • Bagpipes (2)
  • Fiddle (violin, which I play!)
  • Haggis (3)
  • A really good ceilidh dance (4)

Which are your 3 favourite places in Scotland?


Phew, only 3? It is very difficult to narrow my favourite places in Scotland down to 3!

  • Skye, specifically the ’Spar Cave‘
  • Durness
  • The Fife coastline

What are your 3 favourite places in Great Britain?

I have not explored too much of England yet, but I definitely love
  • the Lake District
  • and Whitby Bay is lovely

I would then have to return to Scotland and say anywhere down the West Coast and the Outer Hebrides!


What is your motto for life?

Live the Adventure

Which 3 things would you take with you to a desert island (5)?


  • Good walking boots
  • A water-catching system
  • Sun cream (I burn too easily)


What were your milestones in your career as an artist?


  • Being commissioned by some large companies including the Highland Wildlife Park and Chest, Heart Stroke Charity.
  • Winning the competition to design a label for Cairn O’ Mohr wines and seeing these labels on the bottles in our local supermarket!
  • Having designs selected for 5+ charity sculpture trails across Scotland.
  • Producing an actual game!! [Anm. der Redaktion: Waters Edge – ein wirklich tolles Spiel, das ihr natürlich auch bei Lovely British Somethings kaufen könnt! WATERS EDGE]
  • Hopefully, in the not too distant future, tipping the balance from my day job to working as an artist mainly. So the other way around to now 😀


What are the things that inspire you most?


  • Other illustrators
  • Nature
  • Adventures and the outdoors
  • Books I read
  • Conversations with my partner.


What was your best nature-experience?

Oh dear – again, it is hard to pick just one! Here are some of them:
  • Wild-camping as I tackled (6) the Cateran Trail (7) myself
  • Cycling around Isle of Arran solo
  • Tackling my first two Munro (mountains over 3000ft) solo
  • Rescuing a moth stuck on the surface tension of a pond and letting it dry on my hand before it flew off
  • Helping a sheep getting back on its feet
  • Wading (8) down streams in trainers, building damns in the sand to re-route a little stream.


What is your favourite sandwich?

Oooh, this is random (9)! 😀 and so is my answer…. I love corned beef with plain soft cheese and hula hoops standing upright – can’t beat a crisp sandwich!
*********Kleines Wörterbuch********
(1) Cobwebs: Spinnenweben
(2) Bagpipe: Dudelsack
(3) Haggis: ein schottisches Gericht aus Innereien eines Schafbocks
(4) Ceilidh (gälisch):  ein schottischer (oder irischer) Volkstanz & Tanzveranstaltung
(5) Desert island: einsame Insel
(6) Tackle: bewältigen
(7) Cateran trail: ein Rundwanderweg im Herzen Schottlands
(8) Wading: waten
(9) Random: willkürlich
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